Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download WhatsApp+ v6.30D Free

Download WhatsApp+ v6.30DApk For Android
Download WhatsApp+ v6.30D Free
Download WhatsApp+ v6.30D New

WhatsApp Plus is a fully customizable version of WhatsApp, which you can be among other things, adjust the colors and sizes of text and s, as well as many interface changes.


You can customize a theme to your liking, or issues from the appliion to apply and then en them if you want.

You can incrse the quality of the s, the maximum limit of files to audio files or length.

You can share your music as long as your player supports.

In the panel of emoticons, you have many more added emoticons, chosen by the users of Mania forum.

If you do not want to see pictures with your contacts, you can hide your profile pictures and show you have on the ada of your mobile.

Now you can choose when you want to show your last connection time, hiding your online status. This does not have to disconnect your internet connection. WhatsApp Plus blocks the server status, thus avoiding display if you are "online" or "writing ..".

Being hidden, people will see your last time, time in which you activated the MOD. This time is always displayed in the main hder WhatsApp Plus.

When you're chatting with someone, the last time will be temporarily updated to the person you are chatting, but within minutes of ending the conversation, time will be the same as for all other contacts. (The one in the main hder WhatsApp Plus).

As a contradiction, to hide your status, your will not view status of "online" from your contacts. You will see your current connection last.


If you have not installed the official version of WhatsApp, install.

Open the appliion and check the .

If you havepleted the above two steps, and have used the appliion a while, if you want to save conversations, back up your messages (Settings> Chat> Save conversations).

Clr WhatsApp.

Install WhatsApp Plus.

Open the appliion and check the .

What's New

Base updated to last play store version: 2.11.399

NOTE: With this new base if you hide your online status you won't be able to see your contact's last seen and MOD 2.2.19 won't work

New MOD 1.5 to hide to sender that voice note was played (blue double tick)

New MOD 2.2.22 to hide archived chats footer row in Main Screen

Limit reduced to 51 participants for groups, limit fixed on server side so impossible to have more members in groups

Other improvements and bug fixes

Require 2.1 and Up & File Size 16mb

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