Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download Clner - Speed Booster Pro v1.0.0 Free

Download Clner - Speed Booster Pro v1.0.0Apk For AndroidDownload Clner - Speed Booster Pro v1.0.0 Free Download Clner - Speed Booster Pro v1.0.0 New Clner Master Speed Booster Pro! is AD-FREE and proud of being "EXTREMELY SY" Android Booster. Master your battery saving skills & phone speed booster skills sily! This app has Memory Clner, Junk Clner, Game Speed booster, cln up srch history, call & sms history, and sily manage preinstalled & installed apps! If properly used, this app can speed boost your phone go lot faster & save battery with one-touch buttons. This app is Extremely sy.
7 in 1 Toolbox Mix App! – Memory Clner(i.e.App Killer/Task Killer), Cache Clner(i.e. Junk Clner), Game Speed Booster, Srch History Clner, Call & SMS History Clner, Game Booster Widget, and App Uninstaller. 7 Ftures but it's still VERY SY TO USE! this app/widget, be a master of Android Speed Booster!
★---1. Memory Clner (i.e.Task Killer)---★
✓ Clns up Memory, Kills tasks with extremely simple one-touch "Optimize" button to save energy! Recommended to user memory clner every day at lst once.
✓ Indies memory cln level for before / after. Defend your phone from drain!
★---2. Game Speed Booster---★
✓ By alloing proper memory space to your game before launching, your Phone will be optimized for your any desired game!
✓ By Average, 20% Speed Incrse in your Game!
★---3. Cache Cln (i.e. Junk Clner) ---★
✓ Cln up your Cache Files for bettery Phone Performance & Space!
✓ sy one-touch ""Optimize"" button to Cln-up.
★---4. Srch History Clner---★
✓ Clr your Google Play Store Srch Hisotry & Browser history
✓ ed files manager included as well to delete all files.
★---5. Call & SMS History Clner---★
✓ Clr any desired Call & SMS/Text History one by one
✓ By tapping ""Select All"", you can delete all Call & SMS/Text History in one-tap.
★---6. Game Booster Widget---★
✓ Access your Game Booster Function from Home screen Widget
---7. Appliion Uninstaller---★
✓ Appliion manager included - Manage your Pre-installed Apps as well.
✓ Batch disable & uninstall enabled.
Use Clner Master Speed Booster Pro!’s memory clner fture and speed booster fture to save your Android Battery and feel the difference in your Android Speed
Require 2.3.3 and Up & File Size 8mb

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