Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download Brandnew Boy 1.4 Apk Full Download Free

Brandnew Boy 1.4 Apk Full DownloadDownload Brandnew Boy 1.4 Apk Full Download Free Download Brandnew Boy 1.4 Apk Full Download New Brandnew Boy 1.4 Apk Full Download
!! If OC is not visible after purchase transaction was made, plse exit client completely by tapping "back" button and restart the client. !!
** Top 10 Overall Paid App Chart in 8 Countries!!
** #1 RPG egory in 24 Countries!! Top 10 RPG egory Chart in 58 Countries!!
Jump into a explosive '3D Action RPG' adventure based on the Unrl 3 Engine!
**** “This is one action RPG that shouldn’t be missed. Editor’s Choice!.” – 148apps
**** “Brandnew Boy is packed full of good ids!” – slidetoplay.com
**** “Anime-esque visual flair; adds energy to the combat and environments.” – appspy.com
Rookie doesn’t know who he is, or how he got here, but one thing has been made terribly clr: he’ll have to fight to stay alive if he wants to find out. Brandnew Boy is hrt-stopping, brth-taking 3D combat adventure built on Unrl Engine 3 for an unbelievable mobile action experience.
Stranded this strange and sometimes butiful place, “Rookie” finds he has limited time to contemplate his circumstances. The natives are bloodthirsty, and Rookie seems to be the only thing they think will quench that thirst. Accompanied by a television-faced robot whose origins are no less mysterious than his own, Rookie must srch for answers—if he can survive.

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