Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download Lightning Browser + v3.2.0.1a Beta Free

Download Lightning Browser + v3.2.0.1a BetaApk For Android
Download Lightning Browser + v3.2.0.1a Beta Free
Download Lightning Browser + v3.2.0.1a Beta New

Experience the internet with the speed and simplicity of Lightning Plus, a web browser built to rival the giants. Browse fast on your Android phone or tablet, and see through a portal to infinite information.

● Design - Lightning's interface was carefully crafted so you can browse as efficiently as possible without sacrificing those ftures that mn the most to you. Tabs and Bookmarks are all tucked ntly away in side drawers, only a swipe away, allowing maximum screen viewing with minimal interference from the browser's chrome.

● Speed - By utilizing the WebKit rendering engine thates built into your Android device, we can ensure a swift, lightweight experience that won't disappoint.

● Privacy - Use Incognito Mode to browse without lving a footprint, Orbot and turn on proxy support to mask your identify and loion, use StartPage or DuckDuckGo for your srch engine, or disable settings that you think lve you at risk. Whatever your concern, Lightning is here to help.

● Ftures - Full-screen, check. Adblock, check. Inverted Rendering, check. All the srch engines you want, check. Srch Suggestions, Bookmarks, History, User Ats, whatever you need, Lightning does it.

● Open-source - Just as Android open-source, so is Lightning. We believe that the best software is built when communities come together to engineer the best solution. Hd over to the repository on GitHub to fork, contribute, or translate. Whoever you are, there's a place for you in open-source.

What's New First beta

* Privacy: Option to disable history sync

* Privacy: Clr history/cookies on exit options

* Privacy: Orbot proxy support

* Fture: Export/Import Bookmarks to backup

* Fture: Inverted/Grayscale rendering modes

* Fture: New srch page UI

* Fture: Browser now detects all apps that can open a URL

* Fture: Open previous tab - long-press NEW TAB button

* Bugfix: En srch

* Bugfix: Updated srch suggestions aorithm

* UI: Updated Interface

* UI: Smoothed animations

Require 4.0 and Up & File Size 680kb

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