Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download 2tap Launcher Pro v1.5.3 Free

Download 2tap Launcher Pro v1.5.3Apk For AndroidDownload 2tap Launcher Pro v1.5.3 Free Download 2tap Launcher Pro v1.5.3 New Are you looking for a new Launcher which allows you to organize your staffs sily and clrly, but without being so boring and usual? Wee to the 2tap Launcher Era.
sy srch for you Apps in just 2tap. And so more...
^^^^^ This is the Free Version of 2tap Launcher ^^^^^
****** It includes a Trial of 3 Days of 2tap Launcher Pro Ftures. *****
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sy , Fast , Fun : All your wishes in a never seen Android Launcher, completely new and original crted by a passionate developer to make your Launcher experience sier and more enjoyable.
2tap Launcher let you organize in the best way your apps thanks to a clr system of Cards.

You can place your favourite Apps divided into different cards on your home screen. The other ones are simply accessible from the right side menu.
With this new Card System everything is possible and you’ll find what you need in 2tap. That sounds grt, doesn’t it?
Stunning animations will bring you up only the apps that you need.
Widgets in cards, simple to rd and sy to browse.
Gorgeous background wallpapers will fit your screen and make you feel at home.
Left side menu offers a grt way to find your not-organised Apps.
Gestures and animations make everything sier and funnier.
Languages supported : English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Italian
Quickly browse through your apps.
- Left side menu with All apps filtered for first letter
- Right side menu with Profiles, Other Cards and Special Cards
- Home with cards
- Widgets in cards (Pro)
- Profiles, a set of cards (Pro)
- Icon Pack Support (Pro)
- Custom Shortcuts (Pro)
- Custom animation (Pro)
- Card personalization (Pro)
- Special cards: Apps by letter
- Stunning wallpapers with parallax and blur effects
- Possibility to select other wallpapers or live wallpapers
What's New
- New Awesome App Drawer
Choose column
Alphabetic Choice
- Card Accent Color
- Bug Fix
Require 4.0.3 and Up & File Size 3.7mb

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