Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download USSDDualWidgetPro (Unlimited Money) APK For Android

Download [] USSDDualWidgetPro APK For Android
Download USSDDualWidgetPro Free
Download USSDDualWidgetPro and
Requires Android 2.2 and up Differences of Pro - version: - Opportunity for ch sim card to appoint some USSD requests and for ch inquiry to appoint some indiors for parsing of various groups of figures in the answer. - Automatic updating in a mode of "silent" inquiry - Various widgets (1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1) are available, for ch widget on a desktop it is possible to set the settings (transparency, a font size, an icon, etc.) - Possibility of viewing, editing, removal, unloading in the file of the magazine of the program for the chosen period, viewing of the detailed and grouped statistics - Chart of balance and diagram of expenses. -Notices -Possibility of an archiving and restoration of base and settings is added For processing of USSD answers to Android 4.2.2 it is necessary to put a daw "To intercept USSD" in system settings or to use the USSD Mode 5 in the presence of the rights of root. Before USSDDualWidgetPro purchase for working capacity check appliions on your smartphone install at first USSDDualWidget. For ch sim card it is necessary to appoint the USSD request , to specify of numerical group for answer processing. (Let's say the answer to the USSD request looks like: "Balans:43,88 dollars. You look animated s: * 728*1# (11,86 dollars/month)". Here 4 numerical groups: 43,88; 728; 1; 11,86 . Us the first interests. ) It is possible to adjust the schedule of a parcel of USSD requests: After iing and outgoing calls and SMS, after the end of Internet connection, at the appointed time. It is possible to establish a indiion of a negative (Negative Prefix). Let's say the answer to the USSD request looks like: "Debt of 2.80 dollars. " If to establish value of Negative Prefix equal "Debt", the program will understand that it is necessary to replace "Debt" in the answer with a minus. By default a sign of a negative - a symbol "-". The program needs to be installed in the main memory of the smartphone. For work of the program it is necessary to remove or freeze other programs working with USSD requests (USSD checker, etc.). After installation single reset is required. The program was tested on the MTK(6516, 6575, 6577, 6589 platforms), also works at some smart on Qualcomm and Duos. The USSD Mode 0 is suitable for the majority of except MTK 6573 and Duos.The USSD Mode 1 is suitable for the majority of on MTK 6573. The USSD Mode 2 mode has to work at Duos except S7562. On S7562 choose the Mode 0 mode. On Desire SV and Desire V use Mode 3. USSD Mode 4 - a mode of a "silent" USSD request for smart on MTK (root can be demanded). USSD Mode 5 (the rights of root are necessary) - a mode of a "silent" USSD request, is suitable for all smart. The mode is compatible to Android 4.2.2. If when using Mode 5 after reboot the network isn't restored, try to change a submode. On the Chinese DualSim on Qualcomm ( 880, 8825, etc.) and S7562 try to change the "Mode of queries" control. If in Mode 5 there is no balance updating (on one or both sim cards), try to incrse a "Wite after boot" and change a submode. After submode and Wite after boot change it is necessary to reboot the smartphone (not fast reboot ). Before removal of USSDDualWidget don't forget to remove a daw in Settings of phone - Security - Select device administrators. If you have MIUI and at program installation/updating you see the message "Unknown error -25/26/27", it is caused by that the program for some rson got to a black list of an antivirus of MIUI. Try to freeze MIUI antivirus. Here http://ift.tt/1z2PlZf it is possible to vote for correction of this bug of MIUI. What's New 1.0.16 -Added support for Android 5 in Mode 5(root). -Added the ability to install skins for widgets -Added support 3 SIM smart -Added processing requests from the external automation software, for example, Tasker. -Small corrections If you have MIUI and you see the message "Unknown error -25/26/27", it is caused by that the program is blocked by MIUI antivirus. Try to freeze MIUI antivirus. This app for free

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