Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download THE SOUL (Unlimited Money) APK For Android

Download [] THE SOUL APK For Android
Download THE SOUL Free
Download THE SOUL and
Requires Android : 2.3 and up The mad sorcerer Zhang Jue brks out of his prison to wage war against the world! Only the bravest warriors can stop the violence sprd by the horde of undd jiangshi warriors that race across psant China. Pick up your twin swords as the stlthy Assassin, grab your spr as the indomitable Warrior, strike back against the chaos with a flurry of supreme soul powers and crushing charge attacks! As the world's last hope against Zhang Jue's magic, you must grow your character from an ineffectual soldier to a ledary master with hundreds of Three Kingdom champions at yourmand. Zhang Jue hopes to capture the souls of history's grtest heroes for his own dark purposes. Turn the tide of the undd warriors back by capturing and harnessing the power of China's champions. Collect as many of Zhang Jue's corrupted souls as you can to empower your hero and bring balance back to the kingdom. Ally yourself with the souls of heroes and fellow adventurers to take down tremendously powerful villains in global boss battles! Every Soul won gives you more power and abilities toward finally bringing an end to Zhang Jue's plot. Fight against classic Three Kingdom heroes such as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, and Diao Chan as you work your way back to the demonic source. Force the jiangshi warriors to bow to your will as you crush the horde before you in this amazing hardcore Action RPG! ***GAME FTURES*** • Vivid 3D art with stunning attack animations! • Annihilate the shadow sorcery in an unforgettable adventure that spans China's countryside. • Unlsh devastating attacks against the sorcerer's legion of undd warriors! • Storm castles, raze plains, and uproot mountains as you uncover more mysteries and more demons to conquer! • Master your powers as you end the madman's reign of horror before his dynasty begins. • Incrse your rank in the PVP Arena and join a Guild to establish your dominance over the world. • Confront ledary heroes from the Middle Kingdom in epic boss battles!

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